All work is original & intended for the writer’s use only.

1. All the posts dated prior to September 29th, 2019 (the relaunched date of my site) were actually written a few years prior to the launch of expressiontrain.net. They were just put away as I lost interest in writing for a bit.

2. My poem, My Curly Haired Crush, was the first piece I wrote after I was inspired to write again consistently on July 16th, 2019.

3. The Man in the Purple Hat is based on me. I thought of the idea to write it while I swept outside of my job and customers greeted me.

4. The first poem of 2020, My Winter’s Tale, includes each title of a previous poem that was inspired by the same person in which it is written about. Every Talk, Let’s Have A Conversation, What Shall I Do?, First Conversation, Six Weeks and My Muse.

5. My Winter’s Tale’s inclusion of The Temptations and their hit, Just My Imagination, was inspired by Shinedown and their song Get Up, which mentions Marvin Gaye and his hit, What’s Going On?

6. Each post that is pure dialogue between two people was inspired by one conversation that I had with someone at my job. The idea of a conversation was enough to make me want to write multiple posts under that same format.

7. Through A Screen was inspired by a fitness model that I follow on Instagram, thus only seeing her through a screen.

8. Each poem that includes a line about the person’s eyes, is written about the same person.

9. The posts titled, A Beautiful Moment, all include the names I’d have liked my future children to have had. Alyssa, Cameron, and Adrena Lyn. They’re also the only names to appear in all of my writings as I prefer to leave the names of my loved ones and inspirations out of my works. The poems, Cyrus and Wally & Kate, are about fictional people thus they have their names mentioned.

10. Z is the only letter thus far that I haven’t written a piece that begins with it. A-Y all have been used.

11. August 5th & Precious Soul are about the same person; my first love.

12. Dream 1 is the very first poem I ever wrote.

13. Shackled, was inspired by the music video of Creed’s My Own Prison.

14. This Misery, was inspired by a day I had at work when most of my friends weren’t at work, and I had nobody to talk with.

15. All pieces are inspired by people I’ve had in my life, moments I’d like to experience at some point, or moments that could happen in someone’s life, but not necessarily my own.

16. Restrictions is inspired by the fact that my conversations with co-workers are always restricted to certain times throughout the day.

17. This site was originally meant to be a blog on pro wrestling, but after I failed to get a job for a website, I decided to pursue my own personal writing.

18. I rhyme in most, if not all, of my poems because I feel it makes them flow and easier to understand in how to read them.

19. I appreciate likes and follows, but comments are always special to receive as feedback is always helpful.

20. How You Inspired Me was my 100th post.

21. Heart Did Break & Away Sunshine were inspired by The Temptations song, “I Wish It Would Rain”.

22. Angel In You was inspired by a lyric in John Newman’s song, Love Me Again.

23. A number of my pieces were originally designed to be lyrics, but without a beat, they just became poems.

24. I hope to eventually publish a book, as that’s been a goal of mine since I was younger.

25. I posted my 200th piece one year to the day of the day I began writing once again.