This site is all about work that expresses whatever it is I’m feeling at any given point on a daily basis. It may be a moment from my past, a moment I’d love to experience at some point in the future, or even just work inspired by the people, circumstances or random thoughts that cross my mind. While most of my work is centered around love, other works are inspired by faith, friendship, family, and a few by music. All of which, I guess, in some way, are built with love as their foundation. After losing my interest in writing in October of 2018, I fell into a spiritual funk that made me look at things differently. Life was all of sudden a dread to get through. Little did I know, it’d be a while before I’d get out of my funk with physical, emotional, mental, and financial issues arising as well. I started the new year writing three editorials that I submitted to a website in hopes of landing a job, which I needed, but nothing came from it. I then lost an uncle and a cousin within 9 weeks of each other which took it’s toll on me emotionally. Then, when I finally got a job in April, I re-aggravated a back injury and gained a hamstring injury as well. With my mind, body, and spirit in need of a reset, I needed to do something or spiral down into a dark place. So I decided that I didn’t want that type of life and buckled down and figured if I was going to get out of my funk, I needed to start with a prayer. If my spirit was back in shape, then the other aspects of life would fall in line I believed. They did and after finding inspiration from a crush, I began to write once more. Thus the train of expressions began its voyage. So I hope that all who read my works, find inspiration of their own, if not all sorts of emotions. Love, faith, entertainment, or whatever they get out of my writing would be a wonderful feeling and know that I truly appreciate any likes, follows, or comments. Thank you and enjoy.