A Clean Start

Standing there as his clothes finish drying, he grabs his laundry basket to unload them.

As he grabs a handful though, he looks over to the machine two spots over and sees her.

He doesn’t know who she is or what’s happening, but he knows he’s intrigued.

She gently grabs each piece of clothing and begins to fold and place them in her basket.

She looks over at him and smiles.

He smiles and puts his handful back into the machine, deciding he’d change up his routine.

Today, he’d fold his laundry instead of just tossing it into the basket.

Simply to buy him a reason to stick around despite having his laundry washed and dried.

Her: Don’t you usually just throw your clothes into your basket?

Realizing that she’s noticed him before, he says that he has a reason to not do so today.

Her: Oh yeah, what’s that?

Him: Something about the way you’re folding your clothes caught my attention.

Him: You look so calm doing so, it’s inadvertently attractive.

Him: I get the sense you don’t have anything bothering you; you look that peaceful

She smiles at the fact he found her calm folding attractive.

Her: Thanks for that compliment. You’re definitely the first to compliment me with that.

Him: How haven’t I noticed you before despite you noticing me?

Her: Probably because you usually grab your clothes and rush out; had me curious.

Him: Yeah. I prefer to fold my clothes at home, so I usually grab and go.

As she finishes folding, she says it was nice talking to him, then grabs her basket.

Him: Wait. How about we exchange numbers. We can have dinner and talk some more.

Her: Sure. That sounds good. I’m free on weekends so maybe then.

Him: Great. I’ll call you then.




Clean start.

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