Hurt As Much

It’s in these quietest moments.

When I’m free of any distractions.

That I think about you and your touch.

Wondering if these constant torments,

that attack in this isolation,

go after you too and hurt as much.

When you were around; I was always flying on cloud nine.

Knowing a fall would come but bracing ahead.

For what seems to be the usual outcome against me.

Thinking that if I did, somehow, I wouldn’t lose to time.

That perhaps I would win the battle instead.

But I was wrong again, as the case always tends to be.

My mind replays the memories I have of you.

My heart misses the love I had when you were around.

My soul yearns for that sensational rush.

I wonder though, do you think about those times too?

Or was my love misplaced; one that was never inbound?

Did the end affect you and hurt as much?

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