Let Me Love You

Why won’t you let me love you like I know I can?

My heart has no other desire to fulfill.

My mind can’t think of anyone more special.

I wonder why my heart does this to me.

So often it sets its’ love towards one despite the odds.

Be the one I see every day for the rest of time.

Let me be the subject when you speak of love.

Of joy.

Of happiness.

You would be for me; no doubt about it.

Any tears you have shed.

Any aches you have felt.

I want to prevent them from ever coming back.

Until my final breath, I’d stop at nothing for you.

To make you my now and forever.

To hold you in my arms.

To kiss you and make you feel my passion for you.

Oh how I pray for your heart to feel the same.

I want my soul to find its’ other half.


Not something I have had the best history with.

But with you; if you let me, that would change.

I promise to never make you think twice.

To never regret.

To forget all the hurts of your past.

And if you remember them; it’ll only be to see the good.

The path that they paved.

The destiny they had to bring us together.

So I ask once again.

Why won’t you let me love you like I know I can?

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