Opened Scars

Opened scars may someday you all finally close.

Finally heal.

To relieve this history of mine that I never chose.

Wish wasn’t real.

My soul left in a constant state of hurting.

An unwanted way of life.

My heart forced to carry this heavy burden.

A feeling so rife.

Though the past is gone, its sting still lingers.

The joy I held so tight.

Crumbled straight through my fingers.

Into the abyss of the night.

The chapters writing themselves in my life’s book.

Turning the page on the good so quick.

What I loved the most not given a second look.

Just made to vanish like a magic trick.

Hopes that never came to pass.

Love that never came back.

Fragments of doubt leaving a battered past.

No, opened scars are not what I lack.

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