Waking Up Next To You

Waking up next to you is like no other feeling.

All the years laying in bed alone wondering who you’d be.

Wondering where you were; how we’d meet.

And now,

Now every morning I get to wake up next to you.

I see you asleep.

I feel that rush.

You awake and look at me.

That rush gets stronger.

You open your eyes and I fall in love again.

I kiss you on your lips to start my day.

You tell me that your love for me has no end.

I have to get up, but you ask me to stay.

You want me to stick around and make love to you.

I can never pass on that request from you my love.

You tell me that you know that because our love is true.

I know that too and that’s why I thank the Lord above.

You smile at me, and I forget all that I ever lost, for I have you now.

I love you more than I can ever say, more than I can ever show.

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