Remnants of Being A Fool

What’s the point of catching feelings when they’re not gonna get reciprocated?

Just wasted thoughts on a pursuit that will end up leaving your heart deflated.

I hope to never fall for the stupidity of feelings and all their meaningless signs.

It may have taken a bit for me to get, but now I’m sure that love will never be mine.

A crush. How foolish for me to think any of them would’ve led to anything.

Here I am reeling from their assault on my heart and mind, ruining everything.

If I could wipe away all those memories of what I thought would be, I’d do so now.

Knowing that all they brought were hurts that scarred me and broke me down.

I don’t want to give the world the victory of taking away my smile, my joy.

Even though it’s used my life as its own personal chew toy.

So I move on in life with a heart turned cold for the sake of my mind and soul.

To grow with the lessons left from these moments in case I have to live until I’m really old.

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