He’s walking down the street one autumn afternoon when he sees her. Her, as in the girl he fell for years ago but couldn’t be with since she didn’t feel the same about him.

Him: Hi!

Her: Oh my God! Hi! It’s been so long. How are you?

Him: I’m great! Feeling better now too, seeing you after what, 5 years now?

Her: Yeah! Five years, incredible it’s been that long. You look great. What are you up to these days?

Him: I’m a full-fledged writer. I’ve published a few books and I live in the city.

Her: Wow! I’m so proud of you. I’m glad you stuck with the writing. I’ll have to check out your books sometime.

Him: I’d deeply appreciate that.

Her: Here, let me open my notes app to jot down the titles.

He gives her the names of his books.

Her: How A Color Changes Everything. That’s an interesting title. What’s that one about?

Him: It’s a story of the journey a guy goes on after falling for a woman he meets but never is able to win her over. It’s a metaphor for how a certain type of love can alter the path one takes.

Her: Love. That’s right, you always said you based your work on love. That it was the foundation of everything.

Together: Love is the foundation of everything!

Him: That’s right, it is. I’m surprised you remembered.

Her: Of course. I never forgot about you. You were always so good to me.

Him: Well, thank you. But enough about me. How about you? Last time we spoke in person, you were about to start traveling.

Her: Yeah. I did. Actually, I still do. I just came back from Ireland a couple of weeks ago.

Him: That’s great. You look great too. So you accomplished what you set out to do by traveling; that’s awesome.

Her: Thank you. It is. It’s so liberating to live the life I knew I wanted. I’m glad you accomplished what you wanted too. Look at us, all successful and stuff.

Him: Yeah. Hey, if you’re not busy later or off to your next adventure, maybe you’d like to catch up some more over dinner. You can tell me about all your other trips; I’d love to hear about them.

Her: Yeah, definitely. Here’s my number. I always figured you wouldn’t have thought about me after we stopped working together.

Him: Are you kidding me? I never forgot about you. You were awesome back then, and now that I know you’re killing it out there traveling, it only proves my thoughts from back then were right. I’m so happy for you. You always had a great smile and when I last saw you, life was draining you from showing it more.

Her: Thank you, that’s sweet that you’re happy for me. It really was though. I just desperately needed a change.

Him: Glad you found it then.

Her: I did. And again, I’m glad you’re a successful writer. We’ve both come a long way in five years and that’s what life is all about.

Him: Yeah, yeah, we did. (They smile at each other) So, I’ll text you then and we can set up the dinner date.

Her: Date? I suppose it is then. (She smiles again)

Him: Great. I’ll reach out.

They embrace and then go on their way.







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