I Hate

I hate that I can be attracted to someone, and it won’t mean a thing if that person doesn’t feel the same.

I hate that my feelings for somebody have to be put away if they are already with someone.

I hate that if I’m open and vulnerable with people, some of them may take advantage of it.

I hate that money is so important to do so much in this world.

I hate that I have to work for so long just to pay bills that restart every month.

I hate that my heart can get attached to somebody, but my mind won’t go along with it.

I hate that my mind can have someone run across it over and over again and not align with my heart.

I hate that I have no clue as to if something will turn out good or bad.

I hate that if I get upset over something, a part of me tells me it’s not that big of a deal.

I hate that if I like something, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for me.

I hate that life can end abruptly and leave us no chance to say goodbye.

I hate that people I’ve cared about vanished from my life.

I hate that people who didn’t respect me have a place in my mind forever.

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