Jolt of Joy

They agree to meet up at a club one night.

He arrives first and goes to the bar.

A number of girls approach him, but he tells them he’s not interested.

He’s with someone already he tells them.

Truth is; he’s not. He’s as free as can be to date any of them.

But he doesn’t want to.

Truth is, he’s been searching for HER his whole life.

She arrives and enters the club.

She looks around hoping to find him there already.

Truth is, she’s not the type to go to clubs.

She’s quite reserved.

Truth is, she knows that HE is the one she wants.

She sees him and smiles.

He spots her smiling and a jolt of joy rushes through him.

They lock eyes.

She says hello to him.

He responds by complimenting her.

She asks if he’d like to find a table.

He says he rather go somewhere else, some place quiet.

Truth is, he’s not a club type of person either. It was a test.

He wanted to see if she’d go against her nature to see him, for you only do for those you really like.

Truth is, she knew he wasn’t a club type of guy.

She wanted to see if he’d test her, for you only test those who you really hope to be with.

Truth is, he knows this moment is the beginning of eternity together with her.

So he wants to kiss her right there and then but is still hesitant to do so.

Truth is, she knows this moment is the beginning of eternity together with him too.

So she looks at him, smiles again, and kisses him herself without hesitation.

The kiss sends a jolt of joy through both of them.


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