Nothing But Ashes

Faces gone; tears have been shed.

A part of me has been left for dead.

Voices silenced; still hear them within though.

A part of me I’ve been forced to let go.

Those tears are for the memories turned to ashes.

The part of me broken & jagged, like shattered glass.

Those echoes of voices no longer existent aloud.

That part of me hangs above me still like a dark cloud.

A turmoil in the pit of my stomach at the thought of all that’s lost.

Turbulence crossing my heart and soul alike; sanity comes at a cost.

When you reach a point of frustration that you have zero fucks to give,

You get the liberation of losing the weight of the world and truly begin to live.

Just to let go of this agony within, this suffering of things beneath my faith.

It gets me to a point of leaving it all behind, taking off out of town, out of state.

The grass may not be greener on the other side though, I know that all too well.

The nature of this state within proves though that to get to heaven you must go through hell.

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