So I Kissed Her

So I kissed her.


Why not?

I think she’s beautiful; so why not?

I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

I’d see her and want nothing more than to have her look back.

To look at me and smile.

She brings so much joy to me.

To my mood.

So, I kissed her.

It was returned.

She kissed me back.

It was amazing.

To look into her eyes.

To feel her lips.

Everything I knew it could be.

Damn I’m happy.

What a moment.

My heart, her heart, for each other.

Yeah, so I kissed her.

And I’ll never regret it.


    1. Thanks for responding. So appreciative of it. I got the idea as I was on my lunch break at work and 2 girls I’m interested in were there. I wondered, what if I just approached one of them and kissed them. Future is too unknown to leave things untouched in the moment because we may never get another chance to redeem ourselves.

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      1. Did you approach one and kiss them? Did you make any moves? If not, then I challenge you to give one of them this poem then tell them that you wrote it for them. Then see if they’ll let you kiss them. 👀👀👀👀👀


        1. That’d be bold, but unfortunately both are with someone, so my thought was for not. And since they were my inspiration, that move wouldn’t feel right for any other girl. It’d be like buying a gift for one person and giving it to another.

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