In Search of Inspiration

Like a workplace that’s short-staffed,

an opening is here.

Inquire within, start a new path.

Become my newest dear.

Inspiration needed,

since my muse went away.

Struggling to find the words,

since then to this very day.

A surge of thoughts,

gifted to me by her beauty.

A rush like no other,

ignited my creativity.

Now though, nothing.

Makes it seem harder to create.

Still there’s something.

Just don’t know how long I must wait.

Now works have still been published,

as writing is still a deep-rooted passion.

It’s just the process feels sluggish,

since losing my heart’s main attraction.

Perks of being my muse exist,

such as my eternal gratitude for your gift.

The truth is there, too hard to miss.

Reignite my loving attitude, be my lift.

Bring me from this pit of struggle.

into the light as my mind’s newest affair.

Rescue me from this mess I’ve juggled

by being my heartbeat’s rush from despair.

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