On My Way to You

I’ve stumbled along the way, through love’s tricky path.

Haven’t seen the bright side of it, only shades of its ugly wrath.

Time has shown that clearly, I’m not even close to being my best.

The hurts of my past have shown me that I’m still a work in progress.

Dave Matthews said it best; Where you are, is where I want to be.

But perhaps we’ve already crossed, which would be a twisted taste of irony.

The journey has seen my heart take a beating; pain has taken its toll.

All for the dream of finding you, my future love that will fill my heart’s gaping hole.

The time of that moment has yet to be reached; hasn’t even been detected.

Until that isn’t the case anymore, I’ll keep my heart deeply guarded and protected.

You will get what you’ve dreamed of in me; and I will in you.

Our souls to be matched up in time; honestly though, I feel it’s past due.

My patience is running thin; my soul craves to feel so excited.

Only God knows though how much longer before we’re finally united.

Others have made my heart a fool; had me feeling things that obviously didn’t last.

Moments I thought were the start of something, turned out to be just memories of my past.

Yes, this journey to each other is taking longer than we may have thought.

Obstacles in our lives have tested our hope for love, indeed we both have fought.

It’ll be worth the wait is what those around us say, sure hope that turns out to be true.

But I know that when we meet; I’ll find the appreciation for all it took on my way to you.

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