Circled In Sun

My world was feeling dark.

As if it had been trying to exist with a circled in sun.

Emotions were draining my heart of life.

There I was pondering which way to go.

Do I stay there or move on to the unknown?

Going to a place that had no connection to my past.

I sat there about to make the decision, only to see her.

Now the light at the end of the tunnel was shining.

As if it was trying to prove it was brighter than the sun.

Thoughts were running through my mind like a marathon.

Then it all came to me; the answer I was looking for.

In the form of this beautiful soul, with a heart of gold.

The day was now filling in the empty holes of my heart.

The blossoming of my love for her had begun that moment.

Now this dark world had lost its edge; lost its ability to torment.

The world was feeling bright.

As if it was done trying to circle in the sun.

Emotions were filling my heart with life.

There I was now, knowing which way to take.

Why the need to leave when she was right there?

Seeing that this place actually had my future in place.

I sat there and came to my decision, to be with her.

Now that circled in sun was free to shine.

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