Believe In You

Him: Look at me. You’re capable of all that you can imagine.

Her: Thank you, but it’s been too long and I’m not sure anymore myself.

Him: You can. I believe in you! All of us who know you, believe in you.

She embraces him.

Her: Why are you so sweet? It’s a world full of bad people, but you somehow stay sweet.

Him: It’s because I get to care about people like you. And my loyalty, trust, and love are never-ending.

Him: I can’t ever forget the ones like you, who when I needed them, always came through.

He tightens their embrace before pulling back and looking at her in the eyes.

Him: I just adore you. You have me to the end of time. Count on that.

He feels the rush of joy and love running through the course of his veins. He knows what he has in her.

Her: I will.

They kiss.

Him: I love you, hope that you never lose sight of that. I know I won’t ever stop. Never with you.

He kisses her again and she feels the love rushing through her body. She knows what she has in him.

Her: I love you too. Life can try anything it wants, but I’ll love you always.

They embrace again.





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