Midst of Doubt

While in the midst of doubt, he held on to the hope he had left.

The hope remaining from the struggles that didn’t take him down.

Peace, calmness, strength, all of them beaten by life nearly to death.

But he stands where he is knowing that he got through it all; he’s still around.

It’ll take a lot more and even then; it won’t be enough to shatter his true power.

Not some physical strength that can be broken down, but rather, his trust in the Lord above.

It’s what has brought him from the brink of the end, sustaining him even in his darkest hour.

The faith he’s conjured up from within, from the trust in the Lord, it’s what he deems true love.

Word after word he reads, he hears, he holds in his heart, it’s how he tackles all the doubt in life.

It’s what gets him through the tough nights of memories that caused him so much pain.

Awakened to the truth, especially in these very moments that try to pierce his heart like a knife.

But nothing can break his will, his faith, the love, and support that all who’ve existed try to gain.

He has it because of who he has put his trust in, the One, the only Lord, the king of kings, Jesus Christ.

The One who paid the ultimate price for all of us and so he puts his trust there with all his heart.

This life may have its fair share of victories, but despite the battles, he knows the meaning of sacrifice.

His, our, Lord and Savior is there with us in the highest of times, the lowest of days, we are his art.

So in the midst of doubt he turns to the One and Only that cares for him more than one can imagine.

Not one soul exists or has existed that He has not created to become an heir to His ultimate treasure.

His love has no boundaries, no place it won’t go if called upon, no matter the hurt, the past, the sin.

For the glory He has lifts us up from the worst of times to the best for His grace has no measure.

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