Studio Affection

They sit in a recording studio for hours trying to perfect their new song.

Him: We’re on the verge of something really special, I feel it.

Her: I feel it too. I just don’t think we realize how special though.

As they go over notes they begin to realize that it’s more than just the song that’s going to be special.

She gets this sensation every time he looks at her, but she’s fought the desire to accept it.

He feels invincible whenever he’s around her, but he’s afraid to let himself go there.

Him: You know, these lyrics are going to resonate with the people because they mean so much to us.

Her: It’s exactly what I was thinking. Never have I felt lyrics touch me as much as these.

Him: A part of me feels it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m working with you. (He cautiously admits)

Her: Me too. Let’s not let this be our last collaboration then. (She finally gives in to the desire)

Him: How about we collaborate on dinner then?

Her: I’d love too.

Him: How about we finish up and spend the rest of the night working on that then?

Her: Ok, but before that, I want to do something.

Him: What?

She puts her guitar down, goes over to him, and kisses him.

Him: That was nice.

He stares into her eyes, how about this, he asks before kissing her back.

Her: I like that. How about we call it a night and get out of here?

Him: Ok. Before that though, I have to kiss you again because that felt really good.

They kiss again.

While staring into each other’s eyes they smile.

They now feel it.

That specialness that they sensed was there, only in a way they didn’t expect it.

The thrill.

The passion.

The feelings.

It’s just the beginning.

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