A Prideful Beauty

She was sitting at her desk writing a message in a birthday card for her sister.

He was just watching her from the couch with a smirk on his face.

That smirk kept growing whenever she would smile over her perceived witty lines.

Her: This is so funny. I’m going to make her bust out laughing when she reads this, she tells herself.

She then notices him smiling at her and asks him why he’s smiling.

Him: I’m smiling because I think you’re so adorable when you’re proud of yourself.

Her: Well, when you read what I wrote, you’ll see why I’m proud of myself. It’s hilarious.

Him: I’m sure it is, but I’ll read it later.

He then tells her to come sit next to him on the couch.

Her: It’s going to be the best card she’s ever gotten she tells him as she sits next to him.

Him: I’m sure it will be, but I want to give you something now.

Her: What is it?

He then kisses her and tells her how beautiful she is.

Him: You are the best person or gift that I have ever been blessed with and I love you so much.

She then kisses him back and says that she loves him too.

Her: Here, read the card though. (She says while laughing at how excited she is to show him what she wrote)

He reads it and starts busting out laughing.

Him: Good stuff! You’re right, this is hilarious. And cute. It’s why I love you so much.

She kisses him again and says that she knew she was funny, but this may be the best thing ever.

He laughs again at her prideful remark before holding her closer.





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