Time’s Value

The tears drop once again.

Another love gone away.

Leaving us behind and not to breathe once again.

It’s all too common, yet we never learn our lesson.

The laughs, the smiles, the memories, pouring down our faces.

Remember the good times they tell us.

Sound advice. Truly it is.

But those memories can’t bring them back.

It won’t allow us to hear their voice call us.

To feel them embrace us again.

Selfish to want them to stay in this world instead of paradise.

To leave this world behind is not a journey any of us will ever tell of.

Our love always will carry us to a place where we end up accepting it though.

It seems wrong to do so, doesn’t it?

Never will we breathe another breath in their presence.

We’re forced to move on not knowing who’s next.

Are we next?

What impact did we have on those around us if we are?

Life doesn’t give us the ultimate answers. Never.

Cherishing the time we have should be our goal above all else.

Not to walk around with death on our minds at all times though.

But to acknowledge that time truly is our most valuable commodity as it never returns to us.

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