My Great Ones

From bell to bell at South River High, I count it all as one hell of a ride.

And since it’s been 16+ years of time that has quickly gone by.

My mind and heart wanted to reconnect as now I’m a completely different guy.

And though I’ll always officially be a Bear alumni representing their class of ’04,

I will never and would never deny that to me, being a Ram totally meant more.

My friends. My memories. All the days that my mind can honestly recall,

All brought back recounted as blessings to cherish for the joy of them all.

Now some may think I’m being over the top with my sentiments and that’s okay.

It’s just that I’ve changed my outlook on my past and so I cherish it more with each passing day.

A Bear in ’04, but a Ram for life; I give you all my word that the gratitude is rife.

For from classmates to strangers over the course of time with the hours passed already in the tons.

I’m thankful for this era of social media we live in, for I can add to my list of those I call my great ones.

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