Here Without Her

Before this world of mine fell completely apart.

I fell in love with her, giving her my entire heart.

To the point of getting on that ever so important single knee.

But now I find myself coping with her not being here with me.

I must now live with only pictures and memories of my dream girl.

I’ve been left here all alone, alone in this giant, unrelenting world.

So now nothing remains as all has been lost, all but pain and its agony.

An ache numbing me from all that is peaceful, shattering all of my harmony.

Left here to heal from the scar that will always remind me of her.

Trying to figure out how I lived before as it all seems like one big blur.

But life doesn’t care, so this point will indeed reach an inevitable end.

It’s just the way of life I’ve come to frequently know like an unwanted friend.

My mind, my heart, my soul, all linked in one chain of hurt: feeling lonesome.

I now only see her when I close my eyes, an image I refuse to ever avert from.

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