Rain, Can You Please Stop?

She’s standing by the door looking outside as the rain pours down.

Thoughts of a life once known, now a distant memory, in her head running around.

Every drop of rain splashing down on the concrete walkway leading up to the door.

She wonders what happened to the days she could just live life; they exist no more.

Consuming her mind with the falls of life, each increasing the size of her daily burden.

Wondering if the day could be the one where it all begins to turn around, but she knows she’s still hurting.

The first tear then begins to stroll down her cheek as she thinks about what she hopes to find real soon.

All the heartaches keep replaying in her head though, pulling the trigger, a daily duel at high noon.

The rain keeps coming down, each drop drenching the world in front of her, yes, each drop, one by one.

So she opens the door, walks out, looks up to the sky, “Rain, can you please stop? I’d love to see the sun.”

The clouds oblige and suddenly break apart exposing the sun from behind them, it now shines down.

A smile begins to form on her face at the response to her plea, looking down, up, then all around.

She steps forward into the puddle that formed in front of her, realizing underneath is still a solid ground.

Life has been a burden in her mind, a toll on her emotions, a pain to carry around all these years.

Now at last though, after one call to the sky, she raises her hand to her face and finds no more tears.

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