He walks into the room and instantly notices her.

As she catches a glimpse of him from the corner of her eye, she looks up.

Timid, he quickly looks away and finds the nearest chair to sit in.

She smirks as she knows that he’s interested by the way he quickly took his eyes off of her when she looked back at him.

She continues reading her book as she slightly looks to see if he’s looking at her again.

He’s trying with his peripheral vision as to not make it obvious.

She wonders if he’s going to muster the courage to look at her again or come up to her. She hopes he does.

He looks at his phone but is thinking about whether or not he should approach her. “She’s reading a book, don’t bother her.” He thinks to himself. “Don’t be that guy.”

She’s thinking, “Look at me again, it’s okay, I want you to look at me.”

“What if she saw me looking at her and now thinks I like her? He thinks. “I mean I do, but if I go up to her, she’ll be thinking, “I knew it the second he walked in.” “Can’t a guy just see a girl he finds attractive and not feel like he needs to approach her and impress her?”

All the while she’s thinking, “all the times I don’t want a guy to come up to me, they do,” and now that I do want to be approached, he won’t.” “Maybe I should say something to him then.” She ponders.

“I should have said hi at least when I walked in, that would have been a good starting point.” Then again, if I said hi to her and nobody else here, then everyone would know that I like her.”

He continues to think about it as she continues to wonder how long before he comes up to her or at the very least look at her so she could smile back and maybe have him feel confident enough to talk to her.

Trying to conjure up a plan to approach her, he thinks, “I’ll wait until after everyone else in here leaves and it’s just the two of us.” “I don’t like possibly flirting with a girl in front of people.”

“Just keep reading, don’t pay attention to him, if he comes up to me then fine, but if not, I’ll be cool.” “Darn it, just come up to me! God, please make him come up to me.” she hopes.

The room empties out.

“Excellent. Go for it man, she’s the only one here.” He tells himself.

“It’s just us.” Maybe now he’ll come up to me.” She thinks.

He gets up and looks at her as she continues reading her book.

She reads on as she sees him get up out of the corner of her eye.

“Act normal, she’s just a person.” He reminds himself to calm his nerves.

“Act normal, he’s just a guy.” She reminds herself to calm her nerves.

“Hi, I’m…

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