A Night In

There they were, two friends, nothing more, on her couch searching through the selection of movies from the streaming service after agreeing to hang out with each other after several weeks of not seeing one another.

Her: I’m glad you agreed to a movie night. I know how much you’re not into them, so I really appreciate you coming over to have one with me.

Him: No problem. You’re one of my favorite people; my friend; and we haven’t spent enough time together lately with our jobs and all in the way, so when you asked, I actually didn’t have an urge to say no.

Her: Well, that’s genuinely good to hear. And you’re one of my favorite people too.

As the night progressed, they enjoyed the movie and had some food while just sitting there with each other. At a later point, she grabbed a pillow and placed it on his lap and rested her head on it.

Him: Comfortable there?

He asked and smiled at her willingness to just use his lap as her personal resting place.

Her: I’m getting a bit tired and rather be laying down than sitting up. You don’t mind, do you?

Him: Nope, that’s cool. I just got a kick out of seeing you just doing so. Here, let me stroke your hair and make you feel more comfortable.

As he stroked her hair, he looked down at her and smiled as she stared at the screen. He then slowly began to caress her cheek, feeling her smooth skin against his fingers.

Her: That feels so soothing.

She looked up at him and smiled and said that she was having fun spending time with him again.

Him: Me too.

As they looked at each other though, they both realized that there was this sudden spark in their glances. One that they didn’t seem to mind having. It prompted her to sit up and kiss him.

Him: That was nice. You feeling the same thing I’m feeling then from that glance?

Her: Yeah.

She kissed him again.

He kissed her back as he stroked her hair behind her ear. They shared another, more passionate kiss.

Him: Listen, I’m not sure what’s happening here, but if you’re not against it…

She puts her fingers on his lips and tells him she’s not.

Her: I know what’s going on and it’s absolutely what I want, more than anything right now.

They kissed again and began to undress right there on the couch.

They spent the night together and woke up in each other’s arms. They realized what it meant for them and were thrilled to be heading down that path with one another.





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