The Chase

The thrill of finding a new chase.

The look of intrigue coming over my face.

My heart setting itself up for a possible discovery.

Despite the pain from past pursuits still having me in recovery.

Sure, I can keep the desire at bay, so I keep my peace of mind.

But what fun would it be if I just stood idly by all the time?

Last time it was the curly locks and those incredibly gorgeous eyes.

Now it’s that smirk on her face, and her cuteness that has me mesmerized.

It’s the “life would be sweet if only” type of good feelings rumbling inside.

The type that makes me picture what life would be like with my own beautiful bride.

Yes, this chase is one that I don’t mind getting dragged into by my mind.

My heart isn’t there yet, way too early, but it’s the latest I’ve happened to find.

A past reconnected after going down two vastly different roads.

United all these years later and who knows what the future really holds.

I don’t expect much more though than what it has slowly become over time this past year.

Continuing the chase anyway I will, even if destiny leaves me once again still without my dear.

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