I still remember the day I first met you.

Always will as I won’t ever forget you.

But now that it’s over I’ll deeply miss you.

Hope I’m someone in turn you’ll miss too.

To no longer see your smile or hear your voice

Was never going to be my life’s first choice.

I wanted you as all the special things for me.

A friend, a love, the one for all of eternity.

So many things that could’ve been for you and me.

It’s why it hurts that now you’ve become just a memory.

Others around me tell me that I’ll be able to keep going.

That life has its purpose, even if right now it’s not showing.

Now I do believe there will most likely be a simple remedy.

But whatever it is it won’t change all you ever meant to me.

For my heart at its core, has your love deeply embedded inside.

And though you’re gone, it’s not a part of my life I’ll ever try and hide.

But the joy it’d be to go back to a time much simpler than this.

A time that passed so quickly that it’s almost as if it didn’t exist.

And though it’s impossible to turn back the hands of time, obviously.

It still won’t make life without you easy when now you’re just a memory.

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