Ch. 12: The Engagement

With everyone ready to surprise her even more than she already was, I beckoned all of them to come out and celebrate our engagement. Surprise! Everyone yelled. She was so ecstatic. “I was about to call you”, she told her parents. She was so enamored with the engagement ring that her parents gave me to give to her. As everyone gathered, I was approached by my brother who asked if I was really doing this. I asked him what he meant by that. “It’s nothing bad; just so glad to finally see you find the girl of your dreams after all these years.” “It’s the best day I’ve ever had that wasn’t revolved around something for me.” He said before hugging me. Both of our families joined us in a grand toast to our engagement and after the entire night went by in almost a flash, we thanked all of them for coming and told them that the details to the wedding would be made known when they are planned. They left us and we wasted no time in embracing each other like never before. We kissed and our emotions began to pour out. We cried into each other’s embrace out of the pure joy we had knowing that our life together came to us at the right time in our lives.

The next several months went by with more and more details of our wedding coming into focus. We had selected our location; a recently opened Ballroom in the city was where we planned on having the reception while the ceremony would take place at our church. She planned most of the wedding with details that she always dreamed of being afforded thanks to the financial donations we received in lieu of the wedding gifts that most couples register for. It was an idea given to us by a close friend of hers when they talked about wanting to execute the exact wedding of her dreams. I took care of some of the details in regard to invitations, menu, and seating arrangements. I was just thrilled though to be inching closer to the day that I would officially call the most beautiful woman in the world my wife. It was going to make writing my vows easy, as the words have always come naturally to me whenever I’ve had true inspiration.

The months also connected us even more than we could have thought possible. We started thinking alike and knew how to treat certain situations in a matter that benefits both of us. We both realized that the key to a successful relationship is to focus on the true meaning of love. To want the absolute best for each other in all aspects of life, even it means the other has to “take a backseat” to something. She knew what made me tick and vice-versa, which made the usually stressful planning, nothing short of smooth transitions from detail to detail. Life handed us each other with all the right perks and the love we share has blessed us with so many moments already, so there’s no telling how great marriage was going to be. We were anticipating our love to grow even more as the days kept counting down, until we finally get to utter those special words and be linked forever in love.

We were able to get everything as we wanted for the wedding and had about a month to go when we got all the details ironed out. Still though, after months of planning, we decided to take an impromptu road trip to just clear our minds. We headed out and visited some stuff in the city without spending too much for obvious reasons. We took in a play, went to a couple of museums, and even had a final date night in the park as a non-married couple. We had decided though to spend the last couple months of our engagement void of any sex as to make our honeymoon the first time in months where we’d connect with each other in both a physical and intimate manner in that sense. It was tough though as we had been so passionate over the course of our relationship, but we figured that it would only make our love life even more exhilarating when we resumed it. That honeymoon by the way was set to take place in the Caribbean, a place where neither one of us had been, so we were looking forward to that quite a bit.

The engagement was in it’s final week when I finished up my final draft of my vows, which I decided to write as a poem, since that’s what I usually would write for her throughout our time together. She decided to write a poem of her own too, so that was another thing I was looking forward to as she never really wrote. I also was looking forward to seeing her in her wedding dress as she claimed it was going to have me drooling all throughout the ceremony, which I just thought was so funny of her to say that. I mean I was sure I would, anyone would if they were fortunate enough to be in my position because of how amazing she was and how gorgeous she looked all the time. Yeah, this was going to be the best day of our lives and everyone around us expected it to be too knowing how crazy we were for each other.

The night before, as we laid in bed, we talked about how in less than 16 hours we were going to legally be each other’s now and forever. A sentiment we already claimed but were determined to deem eternal.