Years Later

There she was the girl he fell for years before.

It’d been years since they last spoke. Six, seven, maybe more.

Still as beautiful as he remembered.

Gorgeous as the day he first approached her.

He went up to her to say hi, hoping she still remembered him.

She did and even admitted that seeing him was a blessing.

It’d had been a rough few years since the last they met.

Both going through personal struggles, her with love, him with debt.

All was good now though for both, both were in good places.

It was nice for each of them to come across one of their life’s old faces.

She smiled and asked what he was up to these days.

Told her he had just written his second book, she seemed amazed.

It’s true, he owed it all to her he confessed.

Her beauty was his initial inspiration, it led to his success.

Still enamored with her though, was what he slowly realized.

From her sweet beautiful soul to those phenomenal eyes.

Asked her if she was with anybody, if not he’d love to go out sometime.

She said she wasn’t and had hoped he’d ask, which blew his mind.

Could the future become what he had hoped for after all these years?

He felt it could overwhelm him, possibly even bringing him to tears.

They exchanged numbers before they went on their way.

He knew for sure this was one of his life’s better days.

She smiled as she walked away feeling happy over what had just occurred.

Feeling that life was about to give her love that she felt she had deserved.

After all the struggles life had thrown her way causing unwanted stress.

He was the guy she knew would always love her; she knew he was the best.