What I Feel

Can I shed tears?

Is it that serious?

My mind is filled with thoughts about you.

My heart’s sad that I may never see you again.

I want to yell in frustration.


Should I though?

Am I out of my mind?

Can these feelings be lying to me?

My feelings for you are real.

My words were, are, always true.

Does that mean anything though?

Am I crazy and don’t realize it?

Has my past altered my reality?

I love you, God’s honest truth.

He knows what you mean to me.

You know how I feel, I made it known.

But lately I’ve questioned the clarity.

So much said, yet still some left within me.

Is there still doubt in your mind?

About my heart’s confession?

About my true intention?

Is any part of you interested in knowing?

I sure hope so, but I may never know.

All I do know is, when I think love,

I think about you.