Ch. 11: The Proposal

As I walked up to the front door of our place, I thought it’d be better if I played up my witty side as to not give away the fact that I had an engagement ring in my pocket. It was the only way I could contain my excitement, by trying my best to be funny and get my mind off the fact that I was already planning my proposal to this incredibly, amazing woman that I had come across. It wouldn’t be right away, but the longer I had the ring and didn’t propose, the more likely it was that I was going to let it be known that her parents gave me their blessing and the ring to make her my future wife.

I knocked on the door a couple times before she opened it. “Excuse me Miss, but I heard that the most beautiful woman in the world lived here, and indeed they were right.” “Wow! You are gorgeous.” She smiled and closed the door on me before opening it again. “Just playing”, she said as she began to laugh. That type of sense of humor is one of the things I love about her so much. “So, what was that all about?” she asked. “Oh that, I just thought I’d begin the evening with a compliment and a fact at the same time.” “Well, I don’t know about the most beautiful woman living here, but the most amazing man does.” She said before wrapping her arms around me and kissing me. “How was your day? Anything interesting happen?” (In my mind I was like, “Yes, absolutely something interesting happened.”) but I held it in and told her that I had an excellent day and it only got better when she opened the door and I saw those beautiful eyes of hers. “Sweetie!” “Why are you being extra complimentary today?” she asked. “I mean, I don’t mind it at all, it’s just so sweet of you.” “Well, you deserve to hear that everyday and I promise to let it be known every single day we spend together.” I told her. It was a goal of mine since I was single. To let my love, whomever it was going to be, know that I love her and appreciate her every time I see her.

I went upstairs to change and was surprised to see a gift on our bed with my name on it. It was from her. It had a card on top of it, so I opened the envelope and read it. It was a note that read; “To show you how much I love you, and since I know that you would have already said something that made me feel so loved and appreciated by the time you came up here and saw this, I got you a gift to make your day even better. Love, your now and forever.” So I opened the gift and it was a brand-new iPad. I had seen one a while back and mentioned how I was intrigued by it so that I could write even more as I felt it would be more portable than my laptop. She then snuck up behind me and asked me if I liked it. “I love it, it’s exactly the one the I had seen, this is amazing honey. It makes me love you even more if that’s possible.” “Oh goodie! I was worried it may have been a different one that you preferred.” She said. “No, this is the exact one.” She then smiled and we embraced. That slowly turned into a passionate kiss before we found ourselves making love. Afterwards, I realized the ring had fallen out of the pocket I had it in which made me quickly scramble to retrieve it when I noticed it on the floor. Fortunately, she didn’t see what it was, and I was able to hide it in my pocket again. “What was that?” She asked. “Was what?” I asked back. “That thing you picked up off the floor.” She said. “Oh, it was just some loose change.”, I said before pulling her closer. That was close, but I didn’t want it to happen again, so I made the decision right there and that my proposal had to be soon.

The next day at work, I asked some of my co-workers what was the best way to propose from a few different ways I had in mind. The overall consensus was that it’d be best to go with a proposal where it’d be just the two of us, before everybody we loved and cared about came out from hiding to reveal that they were all there to celebrate the engagement. It seemed risky to some because of the idea that she may not be ready and end up saying no, but I assured them that I was positive she was going to say yes. So I laid out the plan and asked them to help with the celebration aspect of it. Before I got home, I called my family and let them know. My mom was the most excited and said she knew it was going to be perfect. I then called her parents and let them know that I was ready and thanked them again for the ring. Her mom told me to go with my instinct on how to propose and to know that they are so happy for us. So as the day got closer, I grew more positive that she was going to say yes. It was something that I pictured after I first kissed her. She was the one. She just amazed me so much with every aspect of herself. Her beauty was only out done by her loving personality. She meant so much to me and it was everything I had prayed for my entire life. A woman who just had that intangible factor to her that made her stand out from every other woman I had come across. She was the one for me and so marrying her was going to be my easiest decision ever made.

The day of the proposal I picked up a heart-shaped box I had custom made with an inscription on the inner base of it and wrote little compliments on pieces of paper and placed them inside. I took the box and placed it on her desk with a bow on top so she would notice it more when she walked into the room after getting home from a ladies day out with our moms. I asked everyone else who was invited to the celebration to come in as few cars as possible so that she wouldn’t see a parade of cars near our house and get suspicious as she came home. After she got back, I told her that a package with her name on it came in the mail and I placed it on her desk. “Package? I don’t remember ordering anything though.” She asked me if I had a clue as to what it was, but I told her that I didn’t but that it was marked as “Special”. She then headed upstairs to see what it was. As she did, I texted everyone to head into the garage and wait for my signal to congratulate us. I then headed slowly upstairs as to not let her hear me. I had the ring in my hand. This was it. I was going to ask her to marry me. This woman who changed my life so rapidly over the course of a short period in time. She meant the world to me and it was time I made the ultimate gesture in letting her know how much I loved her.

I quietly stood outside the room and peeked in to see her go for the heart-shaped box. As she saw it, she did this little jump in excitement. “I love him so much” she said to herself, which made me smile as I watched her open it. Inside the box were the little notes I wrote. Things like, “my future bride”, “thinking of you every waking moment”, and “my entire world.” As she sat down to read through all them, I tipped-toed into the room behind her. After she finished reading them, I tapped her on the shoulder as I was down on one knee. She turned around and began to tear up as she saw me on one knee. I looked into those beautiful eyes, began to tear up myself, and said, “My entire life I wanted to meet this amazing woman I had conjured up in my mind. This woman who would be the most beautiful woman I would ever meet. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and someone who just understood me and loved me like nobody ever before. Then I met you and I realized that that woman didn’t exist, but that someone who was so much more in all those aspects of life, in areas that I didn’t even think about, was out there, and I was blessed to come across her on a cold night at a bus stop. I love you with every part of my heart, from its very core, and all the love and passion I could possibly exude for you, still isn’t enough to let it be known just how much you mean to me. And so, with all the love inside of me, will you marry me?” “Yes!” she said. I placed the ring on her finger, and we embraced. We kissed and then I told her to look inside the box one more time to see the inscription I had written on the base of the box underneath the notes. She looked at it and read it aloud as I put my arms around her. “To my one and only true love, from now to forever.” “You knew I’d say yes, didn’t you?” she asked. “Of course, I knew all along.” We kissed and our life began its newest chapter.