If You Loved Me

If you ever need me, I’ll come running, just call my name.

If you shed a tear or feel your world crashing down

I’ll be there in a heartbeat, not hesitating to ease your pain.

For when we’re together, it’s nothing but pure joy that I feel.

From the core of my heart, that’s the truth.

Forgetting my past and seeing what I desire to be real.

You have those eyes that somehow give me this incredible vision.

Yearning for your love is what I pray to obtain.

You’d be my world, my all, my life’s easiest decision.

Over the moon and back, my love would be known and proclaimed.

Out of this world type of feeling I get.

Over the thought of you possibly loving me and feeling the same.

Under the guise of a loner is how I’ve had to go about.

Undermining my true feelings for false strength.

Utilizing every ounce of my being to shed all doubt.

Life would be blissful though if our paths were to be aligned.

Loving you would be second nature I believe.

Leaving me with not one ounce of doubt in my entire mind.

Order to my love life needs you to be restored.

Over this life of solitude.

Oh how deep I’ve fallen for you from the depths of my core.

Victory would be mine, if ever I were to win your heart.

Very existence of mine would be on cloud nine.

Very easy to believe, considering how I feel when we’re apart.

Ending my pursuit of a love I’ve tried so hard to find.

Each part of my soul having done all it can.

Everlasting love awaits you my dear, if ever you become mine.

Dreading any moment I am, where your love I can no longer pursue.

Dead feelings are not what I want to have.

Denying my heart is not an option this time, especially when it comes to you.

Make me the focus of your story, the main role of every scene.

Merging your love with mine.

Making me your king while I make you my beautiful queen.

Every man has his day when he finds his love, I want mine with you.

Earnestly awaiting that day if it comes.

Each second that passes though, makes me believe it may never come true.

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