Dear Past

You have had your fair share of victories over us. Times that brought us to tears. Nights that we laid awake thinking about the decisions that led us to that very moment in time. You’ve been cruel to us, trapping us in our present at times with flashbacks to what you have done. We have scars that remind us of your work. You can’t be changed, and we know that, everyone who has ever existed has known that, yet you still manage to haunt us at certain points in our lives. The lasting effects that you have on some are catastrophic. Still though, we can’t change you. We’re powerless to you in that sense. We can stop thinking about you and press forward, but at some point, you will find a way to come back and remind us of yourself. What’s your goal? Do you want us to never forget you? Why? We were acquainted once before for the longest of times, but it seems like you want an eternity with us. We’ve grown tired of seeing you show up at all these different points in life, despite the change in wisdom, characters, and perspectives. Just stay where you claim yourself to be. It isn’t your time anymore. Besides, what we go through every second of our lives will belong to you as they go by; isn’t that enough for you? Is it necessary to bring up your work when we least want it to? Our memories are meant for the good in life, not for the moments we struggled. But then again, in that we find ourselves at your mercy again. You own all our good times as well. We must be linked to you at all times in our life, knowing full-well that you will be there by our side regardless of what we go through. Not as trusted friend should be, but as that shadow that is there even when we’re going through a cloudy day. We don’t control you. Bad times can be brought up with the smallest of hints throughout our lives and equally, the good times can be erased with time. You’re very selfish to be honest. I mean you own all that has happened and all that is happening will be yours as well. The future is even going to be in your hands, and it hasn’t even happened yet. You find a way to have a say in the present too and will affect the outcome of certain parts of our future as well. With that much power, can’t you just stay away from us until we need you, if ever a time comes?