Feeling It Still

Just when I thought it was safe to smile again, thinking that I had had enough.

You came on back and pulled me in with all your good stuff.

The beautiful smile you possess, the angelic eyes that I love so much.

Along with that special place in my heart that only you find a way to touch.

How many lonely days wishing you were still nearby?

How many sleepless nights holding back the tears so I wouldn’t cry?

If it’s not you who I can love with this heart of mine, then I’ll let it rest in peace.

Because with you away from my life, my mind can never again really be at ease.

Say what you will about my crazy thoughts concerning how I see you as my all.

But the fact remains that I’ve never felt this way before, never had I taken such a fall.

As the time with you has changed the game in a way that I never thought could exist.

I am who I am now with my heart set on you and my love being something you can’t cease and desist.

Even if this is the end of everything that I’ve dreamed of in the time spent knowing you.

I’ll never deny what I felt, for the fact remains that right now in my mind nobody else will do.

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