A New Day

It’s a new day, with new beginnings, new allegiances.

Time to lay down all our past grievances.

Forgetting the past, forgetting all the failed attempts.

Looking ahead and turning weaknesses into strengths.

Minds reprogrammed, hearts refueled, and spirits revitalized.

Plugging into a second gear to becoming reenergized.

Leaving our old selves where we belong, in the past immune to change.

For a future of new endeavors lies ahead for us to expand our range.

Made for more than just the normal standards we’ve locked ourselves in.

We must decide today to break out and set our sights on making sure we win.

Breaking out of a bondage that has kept us prisoners of our own war.

For nobody expects the worst when they begin a journey from within their core.

Time for us to put forth every ounce we have of passion, grit, of our soul’s entire existence.

Showing the world that no matter what is thrown at us, it’ll never diminish our persistence.

Making sure we leave nothing to chance, not settling for anything less than first place.

A place that when conquered, leaves us with one of life’s greatest gifts, that being victory’s sweet taste.

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