I’ve written a poem for all to hear, hence I’ve taken centerstage.

One that I hope resonates with all of you no matter your age.

How I looked forward to these days, any longer I just couldn’t afford.

For we know that where believers gather, there also is the Lord.

So let us rejoice, for the times to be gathered have finally returned.

But let us always remember what this whole ordeal is making us learn.

That no matter the situation, no matter the restrictions.

Our heavenly Father will sustain us when we keep our convictions.

That he’ll keep us from danger and be the peace within us.

Never forsaking, always willing, forever there for us to trust.

So know that as I stand here my fellow believers, I mean every single word,

When I say every day, we owe our thanks and our praise to the Lord.

He’s guiding us through the struggle, these trying times.

But today, we’re together again, so let that ease our minds.

So now that we have reconnected, let us enjoy the day.

With a greater appreciation of our bonds in every which way.

May this day bring with it a multitude of blessings being victory filled.

For being around all of you again is a much-anticipated thrill.

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