Ch.10: The Blessing

Her father calling me was surprising, but I wasn’t nervous as we had gotten along well at this point. He began by saying, “I know how you two feel about each other, and I have to admit, I’ve never seen her as happy as she’s been since she first told my wife and I about you.” “I only hope that you understand that she’s had her heart broken before after falling in love with someone and I just don’t want to see that happen to her again.” Never would I even imagine hurting her, anyone for that matter, but especially her. “Sir, I love your daughter with all my heart and never have I felt this way about anyone before, so trust that her heart is in good hands as I’ll do all that I can to make her the happiest woman she can possibly be.” After telling him that, he then surprised me by inviting me over to his place as he and his wife wanted to give me something. We agreed that I’d stop by the next day after I got out of work and ended our conversation. “Hey, who was that?” she asked. Having promised not to let her know that it was her dad, I told her that it was a co-worker wanting to know something about the next day. As we had been unpacking all day, I suggested we go out to eat for dinner and just enjoy a night out so that none of us would have to cook. She then told me about this place that her friend had mentioned to her the night before and said that she was interested in going there. “That sounds great, let’s go there then, I said.

                As we got ready, I just stared at her while she put her earrings on. “You’re beautiful.” “Have I told you that today?” “No, actually you haven’t, but thank you that’s always sweet to hear.” “Well, I haven’t done my job then”, I told her. I then kissed her and told her I loved her so much and that life wasn’t life until she came into mine. We headed out and arrived at the restaurant which had a line outside. We decided to wait it out for a bit to see if we could get in, but after twenty minutes, we just decided to come back some other night. With the night still young though, I suggested we take a walk around town. As we walked, we came across this furniture store with an array of lamps displayed in the window. The lighting brightened the sidewalk and coupled with the streetlamps and a nearby violin player performing for a small crowd, it made a romantic little setting. “I want you to know that I’m hellbent on making you the happiest man, she said as she hugged me. “Well, there’s not much you can do from this point forward, I’m already the happiest I can be with you loving me.” I then held her hand and we walked back to the car. Still hungry though as we didn’t get to eat, we stopped to get some fast food and had our dinner in the car right there in the parking lot. Just as we did the first night we spent together, we cozied up on the couch to watch a movie, eventually falling asleep. The next day we each went to work, and I had my visit with her parents on my mind throughout. I had no idea what it was, but I figured it’d be some sort of house-warming gift.

                After work I headed over to her parents house and was still very curious as to what they wanted to give me. As I pulled up, her mother was just getting out of her car with some groceries. “Oh hi, here let me help with those”, I said to her as I grabbed some bags and walked with her up their walkway. “Oh, thank you so much.” “So glad you could make it, I know you must have had a long day at work, but I think you’ll enjoy what we have for you”, she said. “It’s not a problem whatsoever, I responded. “You folks have been so kind towards me and our relationship that I’d never consider not coming over.” As we walked in, we put the groceries on their island in the kitchen and that’s when I was greeted with a pat on the back. “Hey, so glad you could make it.” Honey go get it; we don’t want to keep him here too long” he told her. “So, what’s new sir?” I asked as we waited for her to bring whatever it was that they had for me. “Oh, same old, same old.” When her mother came back into the kitchen, she had in her hand a small silk bag. He looked at me and said, “now we don’t want you to think that we’re rushing you or pressuring you into anything, but we’ve seen how happy you’ve made our daughter and we think very highly of you from all our interactions, and so we wanted to give you this,” he said as she handed over the bag. As I opened the bag and reached in, I was shocked to see that it was an engagement ring. “Wow, this is beautiful.” “It’s not what I expected.” I said as I looked at it in amazement. “It’s our old engagement ring, and we wanted to give it to you so that when you two get to the point where marriage is considered, you could give it to her.” Her mom then told me how when she first showed it to her, she was mesmerized by it and always wanted to wear it. “It’d be the best ring you could possibly give her, considering how much she loves it.”, they told me. “This is incredible, and believe me, marriage is definitely a consideration, if not already a foregone conclusion between us.” I thanked them for the ring, and they told me that I should consider it their official blessing to ask their daughter’s hand in marriage. I was certain that I was going to propose to her at some point soon and asking for their blessing was on my to-do list, and now I had it and the ring to give my love. I went home thinking about when and how I was going to propose to the most beautiful and amazing girl I had ever known. A smile from ear to ear came across my face as I got closer to home. As I pulled up to our driveway, I could see her through the front window. She had no idea what she was in store for and I had to compose myself as to not give away that I had received something that would change our lives forever.

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