Ch.9: Moving In Together

After we got back from our “christening trip” at the resort, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It seemed like every night we were getting more and more passionate. It was amazing to say the least. Still though, we were still focused and determined to find our dream home to move into as that was our goal prior to taking our trip. We had saved up enough money each and knew that we wanted a house in a quiet neighborhood where we eventually could raise kids if we decided on doing so. She wanted the white picket fence look to our house while I wanted something with a big yard where I’d be able to hold family gatherings and see our kids play. We ended up having a few options fall through, but we were eventually fortunate enough to find the perfect place. Life was falling into place at every turn for us. We believed that our faith was coming through and that we had found each other at the right time in our lives. Her career was starting to take off as well as she got a raise at work and a new title. Meanwhile I was making my way up the ladder at my job and my writing was starting to pick up steam as my inspiration, being her of course, and my creativity, was just flowing, getting me closer to publishing my first book. Faith, love, and ever-growing passion for our work and each other had us exactly where we wanted to be in life and things were only going to get better in our eyes.

We hired a moving company to move her stuff out first from her apartment, before I got help from my brothers to help get my stuff into our new home. We were both so excited to finally have our place ready to be filled with our style and memories of this life that had evolved so quickly and incredibly between us. We decided to invite some family and friends over that first night and ordered some pizza to continue a tradition that my family had whenever we moved into a new place. “Welcome everyone to our new home.” She toasted. I followed up with thanking everyone for their loving support in helping us christen the place by coming over. We both also thanked all of them for being so supportive towards our decisions in the recent months about our love that had blossomed. They all had been on-board from the beginning, not once judging or questioning us, knowing full-well that what they saw was exactly what each of us were looking for. The night was great as we all shared stories and laughed bringing our first night in the new place its first sense of becoming a true home. Everyone started heading out around midnight and after they all left, I locked the door and turned around to see her smiling at me. She then told me that she wanted the night to keep going a little bit longer between the two of us as she put her arms around me and kissed me. “What would you say to breaking in our new home with its first night of passion?” she asked. “I’d say absolutely. I’d love that.” I answered before lifting her up and carrying her to our bedroom. Our first night in our new home had hit its second wind as we quickly undressed each other and embarked on another night of passionate sex, perhaps the best one yet.

After falling asleep in each other’s arms, I woke up first the next morning. I just laid there staring at her sleeping. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen, known, or could ever even imagined laid next to me and I couldn’t have been blessed with anybody better as my love. When she awoke, she looked at me and said, “Morning love.” “Good morning love.” I responded. “How did you become so beautiful?” I asked. “You gave me the whole world.” She answered. “I just gave you my heart.” I told her. “And that’s the whole world to me.” She said before we kissed.

A day of unpacking and organizing was ahead of us so we got out of bed and decided to have some breakfast to energize us. We talked about some of the arrangements we had in mind and after we finished eating, we got to work. It took us all day, but everything was looking good and though we still had some things to purchase to fill out the place, we were more than happy with the setup. “It’d be nice to have a recliner in the living room that could be like my personal chair like the dads in tv shows.” I said. I always wanted one and since we have some room, I was wondering if you’d be okay with one.” “Okay with it, this is our place, if you want one honey, then we can go get one.” You don’t need my permission.” She said. “Really? I didn’t think you’d see it as fitting with what we already have.” I said. “No, it would actually be a nice addition, plus, it could be your chair, but, if we put it in the corner over here, we can put a table with a lamp next to it and make it a place we can sit and read, plus it’d still be aligned for you to watch tv from it.” She explained. “Excellent.” I said before we high fived. “We’ll go next weekend. I have Saturday off; it’ll be our mission for the day she said. “Cool.” I said as we continued to put the final touches to our day of setting up. My phone then rang, it was her dad to my surprise, so I answered. “Hey, how are you doing sir?” I asked. “Good, really good actually, I’m calling to talk to you about something if you have a minute, just don’t tell her it’s me.” “Oh, okay, sure thing.” I responded, not knowing what the context of the call was going to be.

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