Picture Perfect

He was walking around outside with his hands framing different stuff when she approached him.

What are you doing? She asks.

I’m looking for a beautiful image to inspire my next poem, he says.

How about the blue sky? It’s so pretty. she recommends.

No. I don’t want pretty, he says as he continues to frame things with his hands. I need beautiful. I need… I got it! He says so as his hands come down to frame her. There it is.

What? Me? She asks.

Yeah. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it from the beginning. I want beauty and you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You’ll be my inspiration.

I don’t know how much I can possibly inspire you though. She says.

What?! He asks in disbelief.

Are you kidding me? I mean you’re a natural beauty all together.

Aww! Thank you, but that’s not enough for an entire poem, she claims.

See, it may seem like that if you think of your beauty as one dimensional. He tells her.

What do you mean? She asks.

For instance, your eyes. They’re so beautiful, I could stare into them and get completely lost. And your lips. Those lips are so pouty, if you don’t mind me saying, I want to kiss them just to know if they’re as soft as they look.

Stop it, she says, you’re making me blush.

I’m sorry, but now thinking about your beauty, I’m realizing that I can write so many poems about you, he tells her.

Your voice is a sweet sound too. I love hearing you say my name or just speak in general. You’re truly a beautiful inspiration that I haven’t taken time to write about.

How about we go out tonight? He asks.

She’s left speechless for a bit as she blushes and smiles at him. Was this your plan; to butter me up and then ask me out?

No, not at all. But to be honest, it should have been a long time ago now that I feel what I’m feeling right now. So how about it? He asks.

Umm, yeah. I’d like that. I’ll go out with you tonight then. Pick me up at 8. She tells him.

Eight it is my beautiful inspiration. It’ll give me time to go home and write up a poem about your beauty, I just hope I can finish it before our date. He says.

Why wouldn’t you be able to finish it before then, it’s hours from now. She asks.

Well, I mean it’s going to take more than a few lines to describe you. It’ll be a work of art, one I hope truly captures what I see, feel, and now think of you.

Make it seven then, that way you’re up against time then, she says with a giggle.

See what I mean? Your beauty goes beyond your physical appearance he says. Man! I can’t believe I never realized this before.

I’ll see you at seven then Shakespeare, she says as she heads back inside.





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