Without You

I miss you; I need you; I just can’t live without you.

This life away from you is killing me inside.

Every word; every smile; every moment spent with you.

Are now memories of all these unleashed feelings that I hide.

What might have been; what used to be is all I have now.

A heart knowing the fate that awaits me without you around.

I’d do anything to see that pretty face once again stare back at me.

With those eyes that would have someday brought me down to one knee.

That smile that had me as happy as I could be.

How I wish I could hear your voice call my name and tell me that you love me.

So the dream of us getting married and starting a family could have come to fruition

But I guess The Temptations were right when they said it’s just my imagination.

A life of solitude is what I’ve dealt with since you left, not what I wanted.

Our final conversation ringing through my mind day after day keeps me haunted.

With the fear that perhaps I’m not mistaken in thinking we’ll never meet again.

A hurt so deep for me to accept, especially since I lost you as a love and as a friend.

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