Heart-Shaped Box

A mysterious heart-shaped box lies on her desk with pieces of paper inside.

Picked up the first piece and it read, “for my future bride”.

A smiled came across her face as she knew exactly who had written it.

Grabbed another piece and that one read, “thinking of you every waking moment”.

With many more pieces left, she took a seat and began picking through them.

Grabbed another piece and that one read, “my very best friend”.

Her heart began melting with every piece that she read.

Especially when she picked up the one with “even a second without you I dread”.

Had to be about twenty other pieces inside of the box.

So one by one she decided to read each paper from “my inspiration” to “love your curly locks”.

She began to tear up after reading the piece that read, “my dream girl”.

More tears began to flow when she found the piece that said, “my entire world”.

After reading a few more pieces, she leaned back in her chair and smiled like never before.

She then got a tap on her shoulder. When she turned around it was him, with one knee on the floor.

“Will you marry me?” he asked; with a tear in his eye.

She said yes, for she knew that he was the one and only guy.

They embraced each other with every ounce of love inside of them as he then placed the ring on.

A kiss with so much passion behind it ensued, no other two could possibly form a more loving bond.

With the heart-shaped box still filled with other little notes inside.

He showed her that underneath all of them there was a message that he decided to hide.

She read the inscription on the base of the box as he wrapped his arms around her.

It read, “to my one and only true love, from now to forever”.


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