Ch.8: The First Time Resort

After a rather smooth flight we arrived at the hotel and checked in at just about 4 pm. We were a little tired from the flight and having had woken up early to get to the airport; and since neither one of us were the type to sleep in public, we decided it’d be best to get some sleep before dinner. It would get us refreshed for our first night on our “christening trip”. I woke up first and looked up what the resort had in terms of dinner options for us and made a quick phone call to get us a spot for a concert dinner they were holding. It featured some up and coming artists that we were both into a bit; as we were both into the rising artists more so than the well-known ones, so I figured it would be a perfect place to enjoy the night.

                When she awoke, I asked her if she felt as refreshed as I did, she said she was and wanted to take a shower before dinner. Jokingly, I asked if she wanted to save some time and have me join her. We had not yet discussed the all-important topic in any relationship, sex. She smiled at me and asked me if I was serious. I told her I partially was, but that it really had not crossed my mind prior to the very moment we were in. She sat next to me at the edge of the bed and said that since it is a romantic setting and that though we, at that point, had not yet talked about it, a shower together may be a great first time for us. I told her that I always thought so too as it puts everything out there in a way that makes the nerves that go into the first time less overwhelming. She agreed and so we got undressed and decided to have fun with it all, as it should be, and we decided to enter with our backs to each other before turning around and checking each other out. “That’s it?” she quipped. “Yep, in all my glory.” I responded. She then giggled and kissed me. “I love you.” She said. “I love you too.” I told her before kissing her. “So, are we making love or just being adults about it and calling it what it is, sex.” I asked. “We are both adults who are at a resort and are in love with each other, let us call it what it is, it’s sex. “Sex it is.” I said, before I lifted her up against the shower wall and getting inside of her.

                We were in there for about half an hour to 40 minutes and it was pure passion. It felt right. We both had the same look in our eyes as we connected and enjoyed each other’s bodies. With every moan we got more and more into it until we finished. After we got out, we talked about it and just smiled at each other because we knew that our immensely rapid love for one another just took another giant leap. We were even more certain of our decisions with each other in the last several weeks together. And with the hurdle of the first time out of the way now, we were now entering an even deeper connection.

                As we got dressed, I saw her putting her earrings on in front of the mirror, while also making sure her hair looked good, which it always did, and just could not believe how beautiful she was. She saw me staring at her off the reflection. “What?” she asked me. “Nothing, just admiring your beauty.” I said. “Aww, thank you. This trip has already been a great one.” She said. “I mean, the flight was not a bad one. That nap I took was amazing, and our shower together was even more amazing, so passionate, I loved it. I love you.” She said. I got up and went and put my arms around her, kissed her on her neck and said, “You don’t have to tell me, I know how great it’s been, but for me, everything in life has been great since the moment I first kissed you and realized how much I wanted to have you as my love.” She turned her head to kiss me on the lips then asked if I was trying to get her to have sex again after dinner with all the sweetness. “Well, if you want to make our first night here all about discovering each other’s bodies, then I’m all for it, in fact, we can skip dinner and just start our second voyage right now”, I joked. “I’d really love too, but I’m starving, let us go have dinner, then we’ll discuss our dessert afterwards,” she responded. And so we went to dinner.

                We got to the dining area and music was already playing with a good chunk of the seats already filled. I went up to the hostess and she led us to our table about a few rows back from the stage. A well-lit place with candles and lanterns all around, plus a great view of the beach in the background; it truly was an amazing looking place and I was enjoying every second with my beautiful love. We ordered our dinner and chowed it down, as we were both starving. We laughed as we each were tempted to order a second plate, but we refrained. As the music played, she asked what my stance on dancing was. I told her that I had never danced a day in my life, but that I was guessing she wanted to and so I would be up for it. Oh no, I’m not a dancer either. I’m glad you don’t. I only asked as to not feel guilty in case you did.” She admitted. “Well, then I guess we can just enjoy the music and each other’s company.” I said. “Can’t think of anything better”. She said as she smiled at me. I held her hands and kissed them. Life before you is a blur, you’re so incredible.” You have no idea how much stress I’ve been relieved of since we met. Life is as good as it can be right now.” She claimed. After we talked a bit more, we decided to head back to our room.

                As I locked the door behind us, she told me to not turn around until she said so. I asked her why. She said that she’d show me. “Now you can turn.” She told me. When I turned, there she was, with her dress down around her ankles. “You want to take our second voyage?” She asked with a smirk on her face. “Absolutely!” I exclaimed. I undressed and we took our night and passion to another level. We enjoyed each other and made sure we left every ounce of passion for each other known and felt. Our first night at the resort was a night to remember and this love that had blossomed between us only got stronger with every kiss and thrust. We both knew what this meant and what our next step was going to be, only question remaining was not if, but when, would we make the commitment of a lifetime to each other.

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