Last Request

It was in that moment that I wanted nothing more than to kiss her.

I didn’t though. I felt those lips deserved better than just what I wanted.

They deserved to be kissed with passion coming from both sides. But I knew

she didn’t feel that way, no matter how much I felt my heart needed her.

So I simply asked her for one last request before saying my goodbye.

I asked her to look at me with her beautiful eyes. The most beautiful

eyes I have ever seen. I soaked them in and remembered all the small

moments between us. From the moment in the middle of spring when I

first saw her, and knew she was going to be the girl I’d fall for, to our first

encounter on that early summer morning. All our talks on every

imaginable topic, to that late winter night at a gathering when I found her

shoes under the table when she couldn’t. And finally, to that very

moment in time I’d get to talk with her before she left for her dream.

Times that I’ll always hold dear to my heart because of who I shared them

with. But as I thought back to them, the reality eventually caught up with

me. Then, though I didn’t want to say it, for it was the one thing

I didn’t ever want to say, especially to her, I said goodbye.

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