How Can I?

I ask.

See this misery end without a guarantee that I’ll ever see you again?

Live in this isolation, knowing when it’s over, I still won’t have my friend?

Put my heart on hold with every moment and every feeling?

Move on as if I’m okay despite obviously still reeling?

How can I?

I ask.

Have poured my heart out, yet feel there’s still things I never told you?

Ever write about love for another when it’s now only synonymous with you?

Lose my connection with the most amazing person I ever met and accept it?

Have known the outcome long before and still feel like I was rejected?

How can I?

I ask.

Think back to how I became all of who I’ve become?

Find inspiration from another, when you were always my only one?

Try to give my heart to the future, even though you did all the work?

Be okay with what life gives me from this day on, without you as a perk?

How can I?

I ask.

Convince myself that this story was never meant to end happily ever after?

Accept the possibility for all this being just for me to find back my laughter?

Believe my dream of us was all a lie, when I never felt anything this true?

Find love with another when I now only truly believe in it because of you?

How can I?

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