A Glorious Future No More

A glorious future with you in my life was all that I ever did see.

The dream I once had didn’t come true though, as we never came to be.

Left alone with you no longer around to share my love with every time.

As you’re off living a dream of your own, all the while staying on my mind.

Looking into those gorgeous eyes of yours would ignite my passion once more.

As even just thinking about the last I saw them has me perspiring from every pore.

My heart yearns to see my love again, even if it’s only been a short time since the last.

Her beautiful curls, genuine sweetness and inspiring smile; my entire checklist she has passed.

May the Lord bless me with another time where our paths cross once again.

As I miss my love, the one of all I’ve ever known, that I’ll love to the very end.

A glorious future with you in my life was indeed all that I ever did see.

From the moment I first laid my eyes on you, I knew it was you that I wanted with me.

In the garden, in the middle of summer was when my words did finally spring.

My soul’s winter fell like the leaves of autumn when my joy found it’s beginning.

Expression of thoughts erupted like a volcano; barreling full speed like a train as well.

To think there were times before where I said nothing, but on those days, I care not to dwell.

A hundred reasons to avoid the pursuit I was told, but only one thought pushed me to find it.

My search for the love I once tasted was enough to lead the way, and so, I didn’t mind it.

Now I move forward without my love, not able to live out that once hoped for glorious future.

She’s out there right now while I’m here dreaming; a sad end to this journey that saw me lose her.

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