This Can’t Be It

You told me your goal and how much it meant, so I prayed for you.

The Lord has now answered, and you got it, it’s coming true.

While I’m happy and excited for your new journey to begin.

My heart isn’t ready to accept our bond coming to an end.

This can’t be it.

My heart isn’t willing to just let you go forever.

Not now, not ever.

From the beginning I knew it was you.

All it took was that one quick glance to realize.

With all those curls and those ever so beautiful eyes.

You’d be one I’d chase after, even though I already knew,

That being together would probably never come true.

You can still enjoy the time though, even if you know how it’ll end.

And so I soaked up every moment I had with you my beautiful friend.

You motivated me to open my heart, changing the course of my life these days.

And now that you’re leaving, I’ll have to fight through a saddened phase.

Because when I wanted a spark to ignite my love, you showed up like a blaze.

So no, this can’t be it.

I don’t want it to be, won’t just let it be without even trying.

Picturing life with you every time I saw you, each day, each night.

Knowing that every dreaded workday was a tunnel, but you my light.

Blessed to have met you, even more so to have gotten close over time.

But this can’t be it.

For I know life can’t possibly be as good without you in mine.

May the Lord’s will be done; of that I’ve prayed for quite a bit.

So know that you own a part of my heart and so no, this just can’t be it.