It’s the storyline that’s keeping me going.

Each day in and each night out.

The thought of what could actually be.

The thought of you.

More so the thought of you being with me.

Been a bit since the first spark was lit inside.

Since my interest first grew.

It’s the storyline that’s keeping me going.

The story of me.

More so the story of me being with you.

About the Author Mr. Boza

The summer of 2019 was when I decided to no longer go through life holding my feelings, my thoughts, and my emotions contained within. I needed a change in life and since I made that decision, life has been so much more liberating. Nowadays my writing helps me express myself in a way that allows me to feel whatever it is that I'm thinking or feeling or even yearning for, pour out and not consume me from within. My work is simple to read, simple to understand, and hopefully is the type of writing that makes someone smile when they read it. Enjoy.
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