The Perfect Lie

When your words didn’t match your eyes

That’s when I knew it was time for me to say my goodbye.

And as much as it hurt me, I knew I’d never break down and cry.

For even before knowing what I know now, I knew you were telling the perfect lie.

What was the line that got crossed for you to deceive me?

Thought we were united by a bond, one never again to be.

And now we must move on, living in separate worlds, full of love’s agony.

You probably don’t care, meanwhile here I am with my heart broken in three.

One, the memories that we made are now tarnished with an unhappy end.

Two, the loneliness that’s to come will remind me of another lost friend.

And three, all hope I had was broken after never even having a bend.

Yeah, you orchestrated the perfect lie.