Only For You

Never disappointed when we speak, it’s such a joy.

Bringing a smile to my face like a child with a new toy.

Beauty only outdone by an even more beautiful soul.

In my life, playing the significant muse is your unknowing role.

A random day back in May is when I care to say,

That I knew what became true, that I’d really love talking to you.

A rhyming poet I became thanks to you and every single curl.

Never could I have ever written so much about another girl.

A rainy day came and went, and I failed to even say hello.

Just stood there wondering if you I’d ever get to know.

Pain coming from every possible direction had me falling.

Every chance passed up by every excuse, just kept stalling.

Now here I am months later, happy that I spoke up back in August.

Calling you a great one in my life, maybe even thinking you’re the very best.

How much I care about you, even if my heart still yearns for more.

I write this knowing that my life is better with you in it than ever before.

What would life be if I could love you the way my heart wants to, who knows?

All I can do is cherish what we have and see which way our bond goes.

Not going to apologize for my feelings for you; every ounce of me feels them.

Every moment with you is as good as it gets, my ever so beautiful friend.

Know every word I write, I speak to you, is nothing but what is pure and true.

I’d pour my heart out in front of the world if I had to, I would, only for you.

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